A bold and revolutionary new Commercial and Residential Corrugated profile arising from the respected True Oak range of roofing and cladding products.

After True Oak Corrugate gaining much respect and widely used with it’s style and versatility (including low pitch & physical strength) appreciated, it is with much excitement we see the addition of True Oak Deep to the range!

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Colorsteel Matte

New innovation in paint technology, COLORSTEEL® Matte, is designed to elevate your exteriors and create a sleek, modern look.

A matte finish has long been seen as a refined choice in the design world.
Without a light-reflecting gloss, it’s possible to see the true tone and depth of colour in a material. This might otherwise be hidden behind a high shine.

Currently available in one of the most popular colours on the COLORSTEEL® st intecc wheel, FlaxPod®, and new TidalDrift®, a smoky charcoal grey released especially for this range. New microwrinkle paint technology to evenly diffuse light, creating a lustred surface that has both depth and subtlety. These darker colours take a matte finish well, as dark tones absorb light rather than reflecting it, adding to the intensity of the hue.

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COLORSTEEL® “For A Home You Can Be Proud of” Promotion Winner – Thanks New Zealand Steel

We are proud to have worked with two Canterbury builders that have their stunning homes entered and won multiple awards in this years House of the Year in Canterbury, by supplying & installing the roofing, custom flashings, fascia & spouting.

Congratulations on your outstanding work and results. We look forward to some exciting new builds and roofing design.


Roofing, fascia & spouting by WMR Canterbury
Roofing, Custom flashings, fascia & spouting by WMR Canterbury

The roofing has begin with early morning crane lifts placing the long .55 Colorcote Veedek roof sheets, ready for our tradesmen to install the roof to our usual high standards.  The raked head roof design provides an impressive, modern element to the newest building at The Landing, Wigram.


Sockburn, Christchurch commercial re-roof, Colorsteel and Durolite roofing…


Are you building a new home??? 

We have fantastic lightweight roofing options with new designs and materials regularly coming to the market.  If you have your plans already done, we can provide you with a quote straight off your plans!

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