Roofing issues on your commercial building can impact your tenants, income or business operations.  It is important to ensure your roof is in sound condition and that you are proactive in identifying problems before damage occurs. However if you are unsure and would like one of our team to assess your roof for you, we offer no obligation assessments and quotes.

Sometimes it is more viable to replace the entire existing roof to avoid frustrations and expenses of ongoing repairs which leave you without warranties and uncertainty for future problems.  Often re-roofing can take place with minimal disruption to operations by implementing the correct safety systems.

Identifying your problem areas and working with a professional to formulate the most suitable remedy is essential to protect your commercial/industrial building.  WMR Canterbury Ltd can either replace your roof like for like or discuss alternative solutions.  In some cases, the layout/pitch etc may need to be improved and in this case we could work with your preferred builder or organize & co-ordinate this all for you.

  • Roof leak repairs
  • Metal Re-roofing
  • Metal wall cladding
  • Skylight installation/replacement
  • Parapet & custom made flashings
  • Membrane/Butynol replacement to flat roofs and internal gutters

Contact us today for a commercial roofing replacement cost and quote, and find out why we are known as one of Canterbury’s top roofing companies.

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