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Do you Have a Heavy Concrete Tile Roof?

Do you live in Canterbury and have a home with a heavy concrete tile roof that may need replacement/repairs? Have you considered replacing your existing concrete/clay tile roof with a lightweight system available? Metal roofs weigh approx 1/8 of the weight of a concrete tile roof! In an earthquake prone area, that is a significant factor and […]

Good-Bye Winter…

As we enter the Spring/Summer months, it’s time to dust off the cobwebs, venture outside and have a look up at your roof and how it fared through winter. Is it looking tired? a little broken?  faded/unpainted?  If you answer YES to any of these, then drop us a line or contact us for a […]


Are you building a new home???  We have fantastic lightweight roofing options with new designs and materials regularly coming to the market.  If you have your plans already done, we can provide you with a quote straight off your plans! Call us on 0800 200 640 to discuss options to suit your individuals needs and […]