Colorsteel Matte

New innovation in paint technology, COLORSTEEL® Matte, is designed to elevate your exteriors and create a sleek, modern look.

A matte finish has long been seen as a refined choice in the design world.
Without a light-reflecting gloss, it’s possible to see the true tone and depth of colour in a material. This might otherwise be hidden behind a high shine.

Currently available in one of the most popular colours on the COLORSTEEL® st intecc wheel, FlaxPod®, and new TidalDrift®, a smoky charcoal grey released especially for this range. New microwrinkle paint technology to evenly diffuse light, creating a lustred surface that has both depth and subtlety. These darker colours take a matte finish well, as dark tones absorb light rather than reflecting it, adding to the intensity of the hue.

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