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Recently there has been a change in NZ regulations that is a great benefit to you!

All spouting must now be, as a minimum, Marine Grade – more money you may cry!  This is where benefit kicks is.  We will now be supplying and installing marine grade rainwater goods for the SAME PRICE as we previously offered the standard (non-marine grade) materials.

As of now you will receive higher quality product for no extra cost!

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These are the months that our strategies for keeping our home warm are put into action.  Not only is heating a number one priority but keeping the winter weather outside!  Your roofing is a very important part to this process and if you have even a slightly compromised roof (which may even be unknown from a glance/ground look) this will impact on the weathertightness of your home: Something we could all do without over winter.

If you haven’t updated your roof this year already and it is need of doing so – don’t worry it isn’t too late!  We are experienced at replacing roofs over the winter periods whilst maintaining a weatherproof home for you during the process.  If you feel your roof may need attention, now is the time to act.

Stay warm everyone!

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Do you live in Canterbury and have a heavy concrete tile roof that may need replacement/repairs?

Have you considered replacing your existing concrete/clay tile roof with a lightweight system available?

As we live in an earthquake area the RISK of maintaining a heavy roofing system is quite real.  Don’t take the gamble, contact us to openly discuss different options for your home.

Good-Bye Winter…


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…Hello gorgeous sunshine!  This is NOT far away at all!!

Already 2015 has flown past, I think even faster than the year before.

Time to dust off the cobwebs, venture outside and have a look up at your roof and how it fared through winter.

Is it looking tired? a little broken?  faded/unpainted?  If you answer YES to any of these, then drop us a line or contact us for a FREE QUOTE and get sorted for Spring.

Canterbury Rebuild


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It’s great to be seeing so many people this year be getting their homes repaired or rebuilt finally.  We are pleased to be able to assist so many people resettle in their new/existing & repaired homes by way of a hassle free process for there roofing needs during this process.

We look forward to seeing more and more families resettled as we head into the second part of the year.

Community Support


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autism logo

We are proud to be able to support Autism New Zealand  and Canterbury Annual Special Needs Children Bowling Party on 18 May 2014.

We wish for a successful and happy party and that much needed funds are raised for Autism NZ and the affected families.

Christchurch Storm


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We hope you are all SAFE and well after the past couple of days of treturous weather!

If your property/roofing has sustained any damage during the storm, please contact your insurance company first to recieve correct course of action. If they direct you to seek reistatement Weathermaster Roofing will welcome your contact and we will help where we can.

A nice sight to see the sun shining again to begin drying us out!  Stay Safe.

Get in for Winter


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After the Christmas rush has finished and the new year is in full swing – it is time to consider your roofs condition BEFORE winter hits!  If you are wanting a new roof installed or repair/restoration carried out prior to winter, now is the time to get your job quoted and booked in so we can ensure we will be able to have your roofing works completed ready for winter.

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We are giving our staff a well deserved break over Christmas and hope you will also be enjoying some relaxing time off.

Our Office will be:
Closed from 21 December 2013

Re-Opening 13 January 2014

Thank you all for your support throughout the year so far.

NEW Product


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A new longrun product has arrived!

TRUE OAK – A Return to the Original Corrugate

 true oak comparison
                 Deeper & Stronger

Check it out in our products menu